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Guide: Establishing a Service Company
Latest Update: December 6, 2021

This is relevant for:  Foreign planning to establish a service company, e.g. in sales/service/sourcing/ITO

🔭 Step 1: Identification of a location

Step 1.1: Compare cities, 👉 click here
Step 1.2: Look out for offices, 👉 click here

⏱ Two weeks

⚖️ Step 2: Establishing the Enterprise

Step 2.1: Calculate expenditures for the company, 👉 click here
Step 2.2.: FAQs on company establishment, 👉 click here

⏱ Three to six months

🙋 Step 3: Hiring Personnel

Step 3.1: Calculate personnel costs, 👉 click here
Step 3.2: Initiate hiring process, 👉 click here

⏱ Two months

⚙️ Step 4: Operating the Business

For FAQs and answers regarding regulatory matters, 👉click here
For FAQs and answers regarding HR, 👉 click here
How to improve employee retention, 👉 click here

Rough timeline for service company establishment in a best case scenario

timeline-SC establishment.PNG
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