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Guide: Establishing a Sales Structure
Latest Update: August 27, 2021

This is relevant for:  Foreign companies planning to establish a sales structure in Vietnam

🤔 Step 1: Design of a Market Entry Strategy

Step 1.1: Check market data, e.g. @ GTAI or @ us, AHK Vietnam
Step 1.2: Understand Vietnamese regional peculiarities, 👉 click here
Step 1.3: Consider market entry forms, 👉 click here
⏱ Four weeks

📐 Step 2: Development of a Sales Structure

For distribution partners:
Step 2.1.1: Identify partners, e.g. through the internet (google & co), trade fairs (link to AUMA database) or us, AHK Vietnam
Step 2.1.2: Contact potential partners while observing the "Circle of Trust" (need support? Let us know!)
⏱ Four weeks

For sales freelancers:
Step 2.2.1: Find personnel, 👉 click here
Step 2.2.2: Close a service contract, 👉 click here
⏱ Two months

For sales subsidiary
See our guide on establishing a service company 👉 here
⏱ Three to six months

🤝 Step 3: Meeting Partners and Clients

Step 3.1: Get accustomed to the local business culture, 👉 click here
Step 3.2: Prepare for meetings, 👉 click here
⏱ One week

Rough timeline for establishment of a sales structure in a best case scenario by sales channel

timeline_sales structure.PNG
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